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October 4, 2012 | Uncategorized

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I won my rotisserie baseball league for the first time in 24 years.  I’d like to thank the following people.  First, my partner and son Scott who joined in helping me with the team beginning last year.  Among other things, Scott got Norichika Aoki (OF, Milwaukee; (.289 10 hr, 50 RBI, 30 sb) for 10 cents.  Nobody else at the bid meeting even knew who he was – we didn’t know which team he played for.  Scott just knew that he’d led the Japanese league in batting average for 3 or 4 years.  Aoki got in the starting line-up by May and led our team in stolen bases allowing us to tie for 2nd in that category.   Aoki was the #50th ranked Roto player in the NL.  The year before, Scott said “we should trade Tim Lincecum”.  I agreed and we traded Lincecum high for Joey Votto low.  I’d also like to thank Aroldis Chapman (1.507 era 38 saves) who escaped from Cuba with the dream of someday leading the Faulkin A’s to their first Roto championship ever.  We got Chapman for 50 cents when perennial powerhouse Hanke Chiefs ran out of money and couldn’t bid any higher.

An honorable mention goes to other dime players: Kyle Lohse who has led the St. Louis Cardinals in pitching the last two years; Cincinnati’s aptly named pitcher Homer Bailey who pitched the first Cincinnati no-hitter in 40 years; and Mets 2nd base utility man Dan Murphy (.293,6,65,10 sb) a real steal at 10 cents who was the 89th ranked rotisserie player in the National League.  These four 10 cent heroes were a big reason I could spend money on high priced players like Brian McCann and Cole Hamels and still come in under the salary ‘cap’.

Lastly, thanks to “Big Game” Matt Cain, who was one of the most under-rated pitchers in the NL before he threw a perfect game.  Faulkin A’s pitchers had an unprecedented 3 no-hitters this year!

At 28 years old, the Goofy’s National rotisserie league in Cheney, Washington is one of the longest running rotisserie leagues in the country.  The league started in 1984, way before today’s modern fantasy leagues.  For the first 15 years the stats had to be done weekly with a paper and pencil.  Now I can sit at a computer and watch ‘live game scoring’ on as the program updates my team’s standings pitch by pitch.

I joined the league in 1988 when I was an adjunct professor of business statistics at EWU in Cheney.  I had written a basic computer program to predict NFL football scores using a weighted average of past scores.  The program’s predictions  were doing remarkably well and Professor Zurenko noticed it and later invited me into the rotisserie league when a spot opened up.  24 years later I won the league.

So this is a lesson in perseverance……stay in there and keep fighting.  Now like all top execs the day after they’ve won the Super Bowl or World Series, I’m back to work figuring out which players we need to drop off our roster for next year.


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