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Feb 12, 2017

Thoughts on American Amnesia

Reading American Amnesia (How the war on government led us to forget what made America Prosper) by economists Hacker and Pierson.  It’s how we forgot (propagandized) how effective government has improved the lives of the average American.  Start with life expectancy; in 1912 the average life expectancy for men was 48, for women 52.  This […]

Dec 13, 2016

Economic balance and the Redistribution of Costs

“Capitalism is like a nuclear reaction.  Both have many potential benefits and both, uncontrolled, can cause much death and destruction.  Social safety nets like unemployment insurance, social security and aid for dependent children are to capitalism as control rods are in a nuclear reactor – they control the immense force and channel it for good […]

Jun 10, 2016

Open Mic Update

the Tri-Cities Origins – How did our Open mic Comedy get started at Jokers?  How do most things get started – usually one dedicated person and some lucky coincidence. In this case the dedicated person was Emily Richman and the coincidence was an amateur comedy contest embedded in a Karaoke contest.  Our contest to send […]

Mar 20, 2016

Tribute to Ray Chase

When I came down from Wenatchee to run Atomic bowl, I had a tough task of trying to turn the bowl around.  It was losing money at the time.  Ray asked to meet me and to give me a pitch for hiring him.   We were just barely into the conversation when I realized that […]

Aug 16, 2015

August Comedy

Jokers has gone “Vegas Vibe” on Friday nights.  Music is a mix of top 40, Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music like you would find in a Las Vegas Nightclub.  No cover charge and the big drink special is our signature “Trash Can” in a 52 ounce yard stick.  To top off the Vegas theme, […]

Aug 31, 2014

Recent Comedy at Jokers

Comedian Justin Rupple put on 3 great shows at Jokers Comedy Club this last weekend of August 2014.  Justin is getting some TV appearances and some meetings about other big projects.  I think Justin is at just the right time in his life and just the right set of skills to possibly make it big […]

Aug 25, 2014

2nd Wednesday Comedy Showcase

Jokers Comedy Club is offering a new product this Fall.  Jokers is already the number one comedy club in Eastern Washington by any measure – total attendance or the quality of the comedy acts.  For example, the next 3 weeks Jokers has fast rising Justin Rupple from LA, special show Erin Foley and then follows […]

Jul 6, 2014

Max Faulkner

Nov 10, 2013

New Friday Night Live at Jokers

New Friday Night Live at Jokers

We started booking live music at Jokers on Friday to bring a new entertainment option to the Tri-Cities.  We thought Jokers larger show room and great Public Address system would be a huge draw.    We’ve had some solid successes.  The Helles Belles show, “Pigs on the Wing” Pink Floyd tribute band, Sir Mixalot and […]

Jun 26, 2013

Tri City Joke Off

Tri City Joke Off

Jokers comedy club in Richland, Wa. Is the home of the only true amateur comedy competition in the Northwest – The “Tri-City Joke Off”.   This year marks our 3rd annual competition.   The Joke Off started as a four week comedy add-on to our Wednesday night Karaoke.  We had about 6 amateurs try out and […]

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