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Multi-entertainment facility that will please the whole family

Atomic Blast Arcade wants you to remember simpler times when you could blast your way through a zombie incursion, or play skee ball until you couldn't see straight. With the hustle and bustle of modern times, sometimes it's good to relax and get lost in the fantasy worlds of video games.

Atomic Blast Arcade in Atomic Bowl is also your birthday party headquarters and offers multiple party packages that include tasty refreshments. We do all the work so you can have all the fun!

Besides our fantastic arcade, Atomic Bowl also has an exceptional bowling alley, Joker's Casino & Sport Bar, Joker's Comedy Club and Joker's Nightclub.
When you're ready to have more fun than you ever thought possible, come to Atomic Bowl-the number one multi-entertainment facility in Richland, WA.

Enjoy quality family time with our arcade games that will entertain you and your troop for hours. From mini bowling and interactive games to prizes and traditional arcade games, we have something for everyone in Richland, WA.

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