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Tri-Cities, WA

Joker's Bonus Hands

Joker's Bonus Hands

•Spanish 21 - Table 1: Double Suited Match

•Spanish 21 - Table 6: Double Suited Match

•Players Edge 21 - Table 3: Double Suited Match

•Match The Dealer Blackjack - Table 2: Double Suited Match

•Emperor's Challenge Pai Gow - Table 7: Aces Full of Kings

•Heads Up Hold 'Em - Table 5: Aces Cracked

•High Card Flush - Table 4: 4 of a Kind

*Bonus hands increase $25 per day up to $400!

High Hands

High Hands

$100 for the high hand of the day

  • Sunday: High Card Flush
  • Monday: Heads Up Hold-Em
  • Tuesday: Emperor's Challenge Pai Gow
  • Wednesday: Double Action Blackjack 21+3

Happy Sunday

All drinks 1/2 price on Sundays

Prime Rib Dinner

Prime Rib Dinner

The Best Prime Rib dinner in the Tri-Cities is back!

Make Joker's Casino your entertainment hotspot on Friday and Saturday nights and start it off with our fabulous prime rib dinner. Then hit the tables for great action and a chance to win big.

Come in and check it out ! We have the friendliest staff in the Tri-Cities !