New Double Action Blackjack in the Party Pit!

Jokers has changed the Party Pit Spanish 21 to Double Action Blackjack.  This popular Blackjack bonus bet has been in big demand in the Tri-cities.  It’s blackjack with an optional side bet. The player wins if their card and the dealers two cards make the following hands: Suited 3 of a kind pays 100 to 1 on your bet, a 3 card straight flush pays 50 to 1, 3 of a kind pays 20 to 1,  a 3 card straight pays 6 to 1,  a 3 card flush pays 3 to 1, and if your card matches one of the dealers cards it pays 1 to 1. In addition, the game also has a $1 progressive jackpot option.  Player wins $3 on a 3 card flush, $7 on a 3 card straight, $20 on 3 of a kind, $25 for a 3 card straight flush, $125 for a 3 of a kind suited, and wins 100% of the jackpot for 3 aces suited!  The current jackpot is over $2800. The party pit is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 6 pm or on special occasions.  Come and check it out!