Save the Laughter

Jokers comedy club is starting a “Save the Laughter” program.  All performance artists were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic – but none hit harder than live, stand-up comedians.  Some comedians have quit the business entirely.  They had nowhere to work since all comedy venues were shut down.  Jokers closed March 16th,  2020 and just re-opened March 5th.


So, for the rest of the year, Jokers is going to give the comics ½ of all comedy ticket sales on top of their regular fee.  We want to show appreciation for the art and give our Tri-City comedy fans an easy way to show their support and love for live comedy.  Just come to the show and buy a $10 ticket and that will add to the comedian’s income for that weekend. 


Many of the headlining comedians at Jokers can entertain an audience for nearly an hour and are actually funnier than some comics you see in a TV show with a laugh track every 10 seconds. Now you can support these artists by coming to Jokers and help us “Save the Laughter”.